Dust, corrosion, smoke and corrosion
Jun 08, 2018

(1) The electrical performance is good and the partial discharge value is low: In the insulating structure of the transformer, there will be some localized weak points of insulation. Under the action of the electric field, it will discharge first, and then it will not form the entire insulation penetration breakdown. It may Occurs on the surface or inside of the insulator, that is, partial discharge. However, the destruction of electrical insulation or local aging, most of which started from the partial discharge, and its hazards are prominent in the insulation life is rapidly reduced, and ultimately affect the safe operation. Dry-type transformers have their unique structure (high and low voltage windings are all wound with copper tape (foil)) and their advanced manufacturing process levels (high and low voltage windings are all epoxy-filled and cured in vacuum), making it a part of The discharge value is low.

(2) Strong lightning shock resistance: Because the high and low voltage windings are all wound with copper tape (foil), the voltage between the layers is low, and the capacitance is large. The initial voltage distribution of the foil winding is close to linear, so its anti-lightning impact capability is strong.

(3) Strong anti-short circuit capability: Due to the same reactance height of high and low voltage windings, no helix angle phenomenon, balanced ampere turns between the coils, the axial force caused by the short circuit of the high and low voltage windings is almost zero, so its short circuit resistance is strong .

(4) Good anti-cracking performance: Dry-type transformer adopts epoxy resin "thin insulation (1-3mm) technology", which satisfies the requirements of low temperature, high temperature and wide temperature variation range, and meets the requirements of anti-cracking after long-term operation. The cracking problem that is difficult to solve with "thick insulation (6mm) technology" is solved, and the dry transformer is reliably guaranteed in technology.

(5) Strong overload capacity: If the load loss of the same capacity of the transformer is equal, the area of the copper foil will be correspondingly larger than that of the copper conductor. After the volume is increased, the amount of the filler resin is increased accordingly, so the heat capacity of the winding is large, and the transformer Short-term overload ability.

(6) Good flame-retardant performance: Epoxy resin vacuum casting process has no environmental pollution and is conducive to environmental protection. The transformer is maintenance-free, moisture-proof, damp-heat-resisting, flame-retardant, and self-extinguishing. It is suitable for various environments and conditions. Occasions.

(7) Low loss and low noise: The core is usually made of high quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet insulated with mineral oxides. Through advanced processing technology, the loss level and no-load current are minimized, and a very low noise level is achieved. At the same time, the assembled core is coated with Class F resin paint on its surface to prevent dust, corrosion, smoke and corrosion.

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