With strong mechanical properties, weather resistance
Jun 08, 2018

Box-type transformers: Equivalent to modular (box) substations.

The box-type transformer is a frame structure. It is made of welded steel. The frame is covered with aluminum alloy plate and coated with a special paint layer to make it have strong mechanical properties, weather resistance and corrosion resistance. When the combined (box type) substation is an integrated structure, the steel plate in the box is divided into three relatively independent cells, that is, a high-voltage room, a transformer room, and a low-pressure room. All rooms are automatically shut down with the opening of the door.

On the top of the modular (box type) substation, there is a heat-insulating layer at the top of the substation. In the high-temperature and cold regions, the temperature inside the box can easily accumulate and change, and condensation can occur. The insulation layer around the box can be added. In order to make the temperature inside the box stable, the transformer room, low pressure room with automatic temperature control device.

Combined (box) substation can effectively prevent the invasion of small animals. The repair of the transformer is carried out by the removable trolley and it is pulled out lightly. There are four corresponding lifting and propulsion hanging bolts on the two sides of the box base, and four supports with the same function on both sides of the roof can be hoisted and transported as a whole.

The modular (box type) substation is an outdoor, oil-transmission and distribution complete set consisting of high-voltage switchgears, power transformers, and low-voltage switchgears. The product has the characteristics of complete set, small area, small investment, convenient installation and maintenance, beautiful appearance and strong weather resistance.

Widely used in high-rise buildings, residential quarters, mines, oil fields, public power distribution, stations, terminals and other enterprises and institutions and temporary use of electricity places for power distribution purposes.

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