Low Loss, Significant Energy Savings
Jun 08, 2018

It has good heat dissipation conditions, long thermal life, and high load capacity. It can run long-term at full capacity with 120% long-term overload and IP45 without forced air cooling.

Extremely high safety and flame-retardant properties, no smoke generated when burning at 800°C for a long time.

Extremely high thermal shock resistance (can be loaded at -50°C immediately).

One hundred percent waterproof seal, excellent hydrophobicity, moisture resistance.

The unique coil structure and strong field calculations result in almost no partial discharge of the product.

Low loss, energy-saving effect, compared with SC9 series dry-type transformers, the average loss of no-load loss of 10%, load loss decreased by 5%.

After the service life, the insulating material and copper coins can be easily separated and recycled, which will not pollute the environment.

Unique porcelain insulation structure, using MORA insulation cylinder and high-frequency ceramic pad, never deformed.

The high and low voltage coils are made of DuPont NOMEX insulating material and impregnated with special formula H grade insulation through VPI vacuum press equipment. After multiple baking and curing, they are sealed with high-strength insulating material and cured at high temperature. The high voltage coil adopts a continuous structure with high mechanical strength and good heat dissipation conditions.

The core material is made of imported high-quality high-permeability silicon steel sheet stacking, using a chamfering process, a stepped 45°C fully inclined structure, and an elastic fixing device between the winding and the iron core, so that the transformer has a low no-load loss. And noise. The core surface is treated with a special process. The iron core is moderately clamped by a pull screw. The upper and lower clamps are connected by a pull plate and fixed on the base. The windings are fixed by elastic pads. The buffer structure can reduce the vibration degree of the winding and reduce the noise.

The lead-out terminal is fixed on the upper part of the winding, the tap is in the middle of the winding, and the low-voltage terminal is a plate-type conductive row, and it is cold-welded.

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