Oil-free Operation With High Safety
Jun 08, 2018

Box-type substations are mainly composed of multi-circuit high-voltage switch systems, armored busbars, integrated automation systems for substations, communications, telecontrol, metering, capacitance compensation, and DC power supply units, installed in a moisture-proof, rust-proof, dust-proof, Mouse-proof, fire-proof, anti-theft, heat-insulating, fully-enclosed and movable steel structure box, electromechanical integration, fully enclosed operation, mainly has the following characteristics:

Advanced technology, safe and reliable

The box part adopts the current domestic leading technology and technology, the shell generally adopts the galvanized steel plate, the frame uses the standard container material and the production craft, has the good anticorrosive performance, guarantees 20 years not to rust, the inner closure board uses the aluminum alloy buckle board, the interlayer The use of fireproof and heat-insulating materials, and the installation of air-conditioning and dehumidification devices inside the box, the equipment operation is not affected by the natural climatic environment and external pollution, and it can ensure normal operation under the harsh environment of -40°C~+40°C. The primary equipment in the cabinet adopts fully-enclosed high-voltage switchgear (such as: xgn type), dry-type transformers, dry-type transformers, vacuum circuit breakers, spring operating mechanism, rotary isolation switch and other domestic technology-leading equipment, and the product has no exposed live parts. Fully-enclosed and fully-insulated structure can fully achieve zero electric shock accidents. The whole station can realize oil-free operation with high safety. The second microcomputer integrated automation system can realize unattended operation.

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